Solomon Islands Foreign Minister, Hon Clay Forau Soalaoi, MP, has commended Solomon Islands seasonal workers in New Zealand for their dedication professional and work attitude in the various horticulture industries in New Zealand.

He said their professional, dedication, work attitude and respect to the authorities are the strength of our people and they must continue to shine and demonstrate this in their work environment, while in New Zealand.

“With the reports I am receiving, I am pleased to note, as well as the Solomon Islands Government, that the Solomon Island workers are doing well and have blended in well in their work environment and have earn the trust and confidence of their New Zealand employers,” Minster Forau said.

Minister Forau made the comments yesterday during his visit to various horticulture industries and farms around Napier city, New Zealand, where most of our 420 workers are employed.

Minister Forau and his delegation accompanied by the respective Farm Managers, visited the various Farms and Pack houses where Solomon Islands workers are working and see for himself the first hand information of the type of work they are doing.

He encouraged Solomon Islands workers to remain faithful and loyal to their work and to maintain good working relations with their employers in New Zealand as well as the communities around.

“Solomon Islands currently have about 420 seasonal workers in New Zealand this year. The intake of Solomon Islands workers in New Zealand has increased over the years and this is good news for the country,” added Minister Forau.

“Our intention is to increase our intake in the RSE and my Ministry will be working closely with all other line Ministries and our contacts in New Zealand to ensure this is achieved,” Minister Forau said.

Hon Minister Forau and his delegation, comprising the Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & External Trade, Mr Bernard Bata’anisia, and senior Trade, Labour and Immigration Divisions, continue on their visit in New Zealand, visiting various horticulture industries as well as farms in and around Napier city, meeting with Solomon Islands workers this week.


Press Release. Government Communications Unit.