Michael Tokuru, head of the Solomon Islands' visitors' bureau, said the recent killing of dolphins, and the international outrage that followed, will damage the country's efforts to promote Eco-tourism.

"I have no doubt in my mind that there will be some impact with regards to our image," he said. "It will have some negative impact."

Tourism operators in the country have also called for the Solomon Islands government to get involved. One dive operator says that as the story gains international exposure it “people will become more and more disgusted when they realise what's happening".

Communities in Fanalei resumed traditional hunting of dolphins after relations with the Earth Island Institute (EII) went sour.

Villager’s claim that payments due to them, as a means of discouraging dolphin hunting,  were not made, forcing them to return to hunting these dolphins.

“This is our way of life, and we will continue with this traditional hunting and earn a living.”

EII has disputed their claims, stating that money due to the villagers was made.