The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) says the government has pledged to assist with the replanting of cash crops wiped out by flooding from Cyclone Freda.

An aerial assessment has found widespread flood damage on the island of Makira, washing away important cash crops such as cocoa and coconut crop.

NDMO spokesperson, Sipuru Rove, says although the cyclone also affected the provinces of Malaita, Guadalcanal and Rennell and Bellona, damage is most severe to crops on Makira, particularly those close to its main rivers.

"Assistance to rehabilitate the cash crops like cocoa and coconut definitely will be required but the details will come up later how many hectares they need to replant," said Mr Rove.

Sipuru Rove says a boat carrying relief supplies has left for Makira's capital Kirakira today.

He says a detailed assessment of the cyclone's impact should take about two weeks.