Australian High Commissioner for Solomon Islands, Matt Anderson farewelled six more workers from Solomon Islands yesterday as they flew to Australia as part of the Seasonal Worker Program.

Mr Anderson said "the first recruitment in the Seasonal Worker Program is a major milestone for labour mobility in Solomon Islands and is a practical expression of the close friendship between Solomon Islands and Australia."

In farewelling the workers, Mr Anderson emphasised that the seasonal workers are ambassadors for Solomon Islands. "First impressions count and all workers will need to do their best," said Mr Anderson.

"There are also many benefits for seasonal workers" said Mr Anderson. "Workers will gain valuable employment experience, skill and knowledge development and the chance to earn remittances. Seasonal workers may also be able to return in future seasons, if the demand is there."

Mr Anderson also thanked Solomon Islands' Labour Mobility Unit, in particular Jack O'oi and Ezekiel Parairae, for their hard work in preparing the workers for their deployment.

"Both Solomon Islands and Australia hope that this will be the first of many recruitments for Solomon Islands under the Seasonal Worker Program," said Mr Anderson.

Mr Anderson also emphasised that workers interested in participating in the Seasonal Worker Program should ensure that the recruitment agent has been approved by Solomon Islands' Labour Mobility Unit.

The six workers are amongst ten Solomon Islanders who were selected to travel to Lucaston, Tasmania, to assist with the pruning and picking of fruit. The workers may be employed for up to six months in Australia.

Source: Press Release, Australian High Commission, Solomon Islands