Solomon Islands Police officers from the Police Response Team quickly dispersed a band of angry people, following claims of unpaid income around 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon at Point Cruz.

The Police Media Unit reports that the Police were called in time and immediately moved the angry crowd back away from one of the buildings at the Commonwealth Street.

It says no one has been arrested following the incident however, police have conducted an investigation into the matter and are also initiating a dialogue between rightful authorities and few members from the angry crowd.

Meanwhile the RSIPF Police Commissioner, John Lansley urges members of the public not to take matters into their own hands and to refrain and consider peaceful means that will settle their claims.

Mr Langsley says the rule of law cannot be compromised by people seeking to threaten or intimidate through activities which could cause harm or distress to people.

He says their prime interest is to see that our town and people will not be threatened or harmed and police will not tolerate anyone with self interest to cause fear amongst the public, particularly with this type of behaviour.

Commissioner Langsley also called on those who are affected to be patient and allow rightful authorities to discuss and find ways to solving these claims, rather than approach it in such a destructive way.