A Taiwanese Health team has left their country for Solomon Islands.

The medical team organised by the Taiwan government-run Hsinchu General Hospital (HSGH) left their country Monday for the Solomon Islands, where it is to remain for 15 months for medical aid services.

The China Post reports that the medical team is part of the government's efforts to boost diplomatic relations with Taiwan's South Pacific allies.

It quotes HSGH President Chang Ching-nan as stating that this was brought together around the theme, "Strengthening Oceanic Democratic Alliances and Realizing Comprehensive Partnerships", at the first Taiwan-Pacific Allies Summit last September.

Chang noted the medical team, made up of HSGH physicians including Chang Hsiu-wei, an expert in cardiovascular surgery, will offer medical care and treatment while in the Solomons.

The team will also provide training in techniques dealing with medical research, hospital management, and constructing modern medical care and treatment facilities.

Chang told China Post that many local patients in the Solomons suffer from chronic diseases such as hypertensive cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

In infectious disease control, the country is seen with high rates of malaria and tuberculosis, the China Post quotes Chang as saying.