The Prime Minister's non-attendance of the Pacific Leaders Meeting in Tonga next week has raised mixed reaction from the general public in the capital, Honiara.

In a random interview with the public, Solomon Times had a talk with some ordinary citizens on their opinion of Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare's decision.

A concerned citizen, Selwyn Fele'ota, said the choice to meet with Taiwan officials in Marshall Islands, instead of attending the meeting in Tonga, is a real concern for citizens of Honiara.

He reasoned that the forum meeting in Tonga is more important to resolve issues with regional counterparts on what is happening within the region.

Mr. Sandy Iluga thought otherwise, stating that Mr. Sogavare's meeting with Taiwan officials is going to be more beneficial for Solomon Islands on the continuous financial support received from the Taiwanese government.

Approaching a cab driver, Mr. John Ngwae said that if the decision to take the Marshall Islands trip is connected to the government's Bottom-Up-Approach policy, "then that is of their own personal interest".

A concerned mother, Mrs. Margaret Fulton said there is no knowing the Prime Minister's intentions.

"If the trip is for personal reason, and he chooses to prioritize the Taiwan meet in Marshall Island, then I guess we cannot judge the Prime Minister's decision but trust his best judgement," she said.