The Solomon Islands Government has sent emergency supplies to the Weathercoast of Guadalcanal, more than two weeks after an earthquake hit the region.

Disaster Management officials reported that around 9,000 people have been affected by the 6.5-magnitude quake, causing widespread damage to houses, water supply systems and food gardens.

The National Disaster Management Office said around 50,000 kilograms of rice have been sent to the affected communities, as well as tents, jerry cans and mosquito nets.

"This is the initial relief we're planning on," said spokesman, Herrick Savusi.

"There's a lot of organisations showing interest to respond on specific areas, like shelter and water supply and we're hoping that they'll come up and support us in a rehabilitation phase of this disaster."

Mr Savusi said his office received reports of severe flooding and landslides in the weeks before the July 25 earthquake.

"The earthquake just worsened the situation," he said.

Mr Savusi said people who live in villages on the southern coast of Guadalcanal island were used to harsh weather conditions.

"So although this situation is really bad, the people are still able to cope with the situation but are still waiting for our support."