Government lawyers have handed in a three month resignation notice effective yesterday, in protest of long standing issues relating to their terms and conditions of work.

More than 30 lawyers from the Public Solicitors' Office, Director of Public Prosecution Office, Attorney General's Chambers and Law reform Commissions signed the notice.

The notice contains outstanding issues relating to the Public Service 2011 scheme of service that have not been implemented.

The notice is demanding the Government to re-grade all legal officers and improve conditions of rental and allowances.

It also demands the Ministry of Justice and legal Affairs to recruit a technical advisor to pursue the creation of scheme of service within the justice sector to reflect the current Ministry of Justice Corporate Plan 2012-2014.

The President of the Government lawyers says these issues took a long time for the Government to address and this has caused frustration to the lawyers.

He says lawyers from the Public Solicitor's office have resigned from their employment due to these unsatisfactory terms and conditions.