A former Solomon Islands Police Commissioner, Frank Short has questioned when the final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) will be made public.

He said the Chairperson of the TRC, Fr Sam Ata, reportedly handed a copy of the report to the Cabinet in February 2012.

Mr Short said that while many testified before the TRC, they were willing to forgive and forget.

He adds that there are also those who still need healing in their lives to overcome the physical and emotional scars of the events they suffered more than a decade ago.

He said the success of the recent Arts and Cultural Festival not only brought international acclaim and praise but a renewed community spirit and perhaps bonding.

Mr. Short said he is sure the government feels that the release of the TRC report will undoubtedly raise some strong emotions, but the time may now be right to tell the public the truth of the happenings of the tragic past.