King George Sixth National School celebrated an important day in the school calendar, marking three school events: prize giving, graduation and school leaver's feast.

Parents, relatives, friends and students flocked the school to witness the ceremony yesterday.

Speaking at the occasion, KGVI School Principal, Mary Hanadarana, reminded students that the key to success in life depends very much on willingness and commitment "to help ourselves, and to make good use of the chances we have ..."

Mrs. Hanadarana, in congratulating the graduating students, said the occasion should be a challenge to organise and fully use the unutilized opportunities in the years ahead.

"All throughout the year, students have been encouraged to take the initiative and be responsible not only in their academic studies, but in the different aspects of the school life such as their behavior, attitudes, boarding, cultural activities and social entertainments," she adds.

Mrs. Hanadarana told the students that while "short fall in finance" made it impossible for more to receive prizes, "it's not how many prizes or qualifications we get that matters, rather it's how best we use the knowledge ..."

More than 500 forms three, five, six and seven students graduated in yesterday's ceremony.