New Zealand and Australia will contribute over $100,000 to assist with preparations for the Festival of Pacific Arts.

Australian High Commissioner Matt Anderson and New Zealand High Commissioner Mark Ramsden made the announcement today at the Festival Village.

The contribution will assist with the provision of sound and lighting for the performance stages that will be used by performers from all visiting delegations.

"As close friends of Solomon Islands and strong supporters of Pacific arts and culture, Australia and New Zealand are excited about the upcoming Festival of Pacific Arts and are pleased to be able to help in whatever way we can," said Mr. Anderson.

"We hope this contribution will help make the 2012 Festival of Pacific Arts a great success and one which will deliver long lasting benefits to the people of Solomon Islands," said Mr. Ramsden.

Australia and New Zealand will be sending large delegations to the Festival in July to showcase each country's unique arts and culture.

New Zealand and Australia are also providing a range of other assistance to the Festival of Pacific Arts, including through volunteers and support for town infrastructure improvements.