The Office of Prime Minister confirms that Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has formally lodged a complaint with the police against Dr. Derek Sikua, alleging criminal defamation.

The complaint follows a series of allegations of unethical practice leveled against Prime Minister Lilo by the Opposition Leader.

In his latest allegation, Dr Sikua claims that the PM meddled with the transfer of shares in China United to Austree, a claim vigorously denied by the PM.

Mr. Lilo's legal counsel says that if the Prime Minister was somehow involved, he should at least be listed for mention in the present civil proceedings between Austree and China United.

Prime Minister Lilo says it would be interesting to know where the Opposition Leader Dr Sikua had obtained his information.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader says the Prime Minister's actions is just an attempt to dodge public attention from some serious allegations.

Dr Derek Sikua says he is working on his statements on the matter with his lawyers and will give it to the police as soon as they are ready.

The Opposition leader says he will put every issue he had raised in the media to the new Police Commissioner and says he expects the police to conduct a fair and thorough investigation.