Opposition Leader Dr Derek Sikua has called on Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo to ensure that Zhang Tong Zhi - the Asian caught trying to smuggle bechedemer out of the country - stops his business activities.

In a statement, the Opposition Leader says Prime Minister Lilo must immediately ensure relevant government authorities take necessary action against Tong Zhi in continuing with his business activities in the country despite cancellation of his residential and work permit.

The Opposition Leader claims the government knows Tong Zhi is continuing with his marine export business activities in the country under the HJJ Company despite the cancellation of his work and residential permits but has not taken action against him.

Sikua says HJJ Company is registered under the name of the wife of the MP for Malaita Outer Islands but the company's consignment of seaweed destined for Vietnam was signed by Tong Zhi.

The Opposition Leader claims that Tong Zhi and his associate Patrick Zhang are using the registered owner of the HJJ Company "as a rubber stamp for their marine export business dealings in the country."

He said the cancellation of Tong Zhi's residential and work permit by the Minister for Immigration effectively means that it is "unlawful for him to continue with any business activity in Solomon Islands."

He said as Head of the Government, Prime Minister Darcy Lilo must intervene in this situation by ensuring the country's laws are respected and complied with "or else he could be viewed as being complicit in Tong Zhi's illegal beche-de-mer operation."