The Solomon Islands Democratic Party Executives has expressed disappointment over the government's immediate action to order the deportation of an Asian Businessmen without any proper judicial trial in the Solomon Islands courts.

President Dr Alice Pollard made this call after the arrest and issuance of a deportation order for Zhang Tong Zi, an Asian Businessmen who is also the Manager of the Heizhen Trading.

Mr Zhang Tong Zi is understood to be currently in custody awaiting his appeal against the deportation order.

Dr Alice Pollard says Mr Zhang Tong Zi possesses some crucial information that could assist the Police and other responsible authorities in getting more insights into the alleged beche-de-mer ring deals.

SIDP understands that Mr Zhang has walked away free on two occasions in the past despite being arrested for similar offences of illegal trading of beche-de-mer and therefore, his sudden arrest and deportation order raises questions.

Dr Alice Pollard says the indication of the link between Mr Zhang Tong Zi and local politicians cannot be ruled out.

Dr Alice Pollard says that the public must understand that the trails of these fraudulent businessmen and their political associates can be a complex puzzle to unravel as they are mostly done discretely to avoid trail of evidence and that in most cases payments are done through hard cash rather than cheques in order to avoid possible detection.

She says that that the only way forward is to get a lead from Mr Zhang Tong Zi.