Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI) is critical of what they say appears to be the Prime Minister's deliberate move to block the Tsunami report being debated in parliament.

"If the Prime Minister has objections to the report, let him air these in the highest assembly in the country - the parliament. The Tsunami report is now a public document and TSI calls on the police to immediately investigate and prosecute certain Members of Parliament who have allegations of corruption against them," said TSI in a prepared press statement.

However sources within government familiar with the report says that there are certain issues best left for other government agents to proceed with.

"We are very aware of the many allegations contained in the report, there is no need to debate the issue in Parliament, in due time we will forward the report to relevant government agencies to deal with it," said the insider.

It is understood that the report contained serious allegations of gross misuse amounting to millions of dollars during the recovery phase of the tsunami stricken communities of the Western Province.