Hon. Sogavare, a candidate for today's Prime Minister Election, has dismissed claims that Australia's interests and RAMSI's work in Solomon Islands will be undermined if he comes to power.

East Choiseul MP Manasseh Sogavare instead called on the people of Solomon Islands and RAMSI to ignore the claims, saying it is the work of power mongering individuals who work on misrepresentation to get people's favour.

Mr. Sogavare again stressed that he has no problems with supporting Australia's strategic interest and the work of RAMSI in Solomon Islands.

He pledged to continue to support these interests, along with the respect for each other's right to function as sovereign nations.

Mr. Sogavare said Australia will remain an important development partner of Solomon Islands. He said this is a position that no politics and misrepresentation will undermine.

Mr. Sogavare assures the people of Australia that Solomon Islands will continue to need them to guide and support its development endeavours.

The Australian High Commissioner to Solomon Islands, Matt Anderson on the other hand had also reportedly denied Australia was concerned with the candidacy of East Choiseul MP in the race for Prime Minister.

Instead, he stated that Australia respect the democratic process as they look forward to working with the new Prime Minister, whoever the Parliament elects today morning.

He stated that Australia wants to work with the Solomon Islands government to ensure Solomon Islands is peaceful and prosperous.