The Solomon Islands Truth and Reconciliation Commission is confident it has sufficient information to conclude what caused the country's ethnic tensions a decade ago.

The Commission has completed 11 hearings around the country investigating the causes of the civil unrest which began in late 1998 when Guadalcanal militants forced many Malaitan settlers off the island.

Its chairperson Father Sam Ata says despite the time frame and lack of funds, he is satisfied the commission now has enough evidence to determine what happened.

"Definitely - we have a basis and we have at least the final report to put together to establish before the government and also the people of Solomon Islands of what had happened and who are the instigators of the conflict or mastermind of the conflict. So we have a basic idea of what actually happened and those who were involved."

Father Sam Ata says the Commission will fully engage in a national reconciliation process once a report is completed.