Solomon Islands most famous panpipe band, Narasirato is working on releasing a new album come March 2012.

The new album was recorded in England in June this year.

Mr. Jason Mayall who has been helping the band with their recording in England, described the band as very talented, especially in using the traditional instruments and playing the contemporary sound.

He said that this unique feature of the band and their style of performance had caught his attention during their performance in the Australasia world expo in 2009.

Mr Mayall who is a promoter of music festivals and live shows says that with the growing technology, bands could not cover costs through the sale of their albums instead live shows and selling of tickets is rather the more effective way.

He said that the release of the Narasirato's new album will coincide with the tour planned for Australia in March next year.

Mayall is currently in Solomon Islands to get feed back from members of the Narasirato panpipe band about their new album.