Former Guadalcanal Premier Stephen Panga says the national government to date has done very little to address the demands of the people of Guadalcanal relating to reconciliation, lost properties and land issues.

Speaking to SIBC, Stephen Panga says it is almost one year since the NCRA government took office but people of Guadalcanal are still left in the dark relating to some issues that needs to be seriously addressed.

"RAMSI is starting to leave the country or is reducing its manpower. I have not heard anything from the government regarding reconciliation between the national government and the Guadalcanal Province and the people of Guadalcanal. We are aware that reconciliation meeting between my counter-part, Premier of Malaita, Guadalcanal must reconcile with the government first before reconciliation with Malaita. These things are uncertain."

The former Guadalcanal Premier says these are sensitive issues that need to be addressed through the Guadalcanal provincial government before RAMSI leaves the country.

Mr Panga also urges the government to complete the work of the Commission of Inquiry into the Land Dealings on Guadalcanal and lost properties during the ethnic tension.

He adds the government must seriously address these issues as it is also important in order for the country to be successful in its reconciliation and healing process.