The police club officially opens with a 'face-lift' following renovations.

The club was officially opened by the Minister for Police and National Security, Hon. Issac Inoke Tosika.

Speaking at the ceremony last Friday, a former senior police officer, Mr. Leslie Mason talked briefly about the history of the police club.

He said that the police club was first thought of in 1963 and work commenced on a "Self-help basis".

The police social club was built on an original WWII American Quonset building and the building was set up with a bar, dancing floor and a canteen.

Mr. Mason said after the opening of the club in 1963, it attracted more sporting activities than other sporting venues in Honiara.

"In fact the Police club venue facilitated the training and selection of the first ever Solomon Islands Athletic team to the South Pacific Games (SPG) in Suva Fiji in August of 1963," said Mr. Mason.

Mr. Mason also said that the building was also used as a clinic dispensary with six beds to accommodate sick patients and looked after by a District Medical Officer.

The former Quonset building was pulled down in 1977 and was replaced with the current building, which is the Sport and Social Police Club.

The popularity of the club and increasing number of Police and Prison officers saw the expansion of the Sport and Social Club.