Solomon Islands Opposition Leader Dr Derek Sikua has described Prime Minister Danny Philip's personal attacks on him in the media as childish.

Dr. Sikua stated that this displays his total ignorance of the important role of the parliamentary opposition in democracy.

Dr Sikua said as the head of a watchdog agency that is empowered to ensure the government operates according to the laws of the country, he finds the replies by the Prime Minister as totally out of the context of the matters raised.

He said in view of the recent replies by the Prime Minister which appear to be taking the matter way out of context, he feels compelled to reiterate that he is duty-bound to ensure the government operates within the boundaries of our laws.

The Opposition Leader said any allegation of abuse of official position against a Prime Minister is serious.

He said for the Prime Minister to allege that the Opposition Leader is only playing a political game to destroy his name or oust him from office is totally childish.

The Opposition Leader said the Prime Minister is the head of the executive arm of government and therefore it is important that he carries out his duties according to the laws.

It is understood that the Opposition Office has already filed a complaint against Prime Minister Philip with the Leadership Code Commission.