Opposition spokesman, Honorable Edward Huni'ehu, said that he is not happy with the government's decision not to attend the forum meeting.

"The government should not make an excuse or cover up their failure to meet with the forum, the forum is an ongoing dialogue so the government is telling lies," Mr. Huniehu told Solomon Times Online.

He claimed that the government has a hidden agenda, and that the lack of commitment shown to the forum goes to show incompetence by the Sogavare government. Mr. Huniehu said that the Forum Island countries are serious with the cooperative partnership with Solomon Islands "but the government doesn't even want to bother with their counterparts".

"Because of that, we have problems with multilateral relationships and issues such as the Julian Moti affair is not helping us," said Huni'ehu.

The opposition members said whoever that is responsible for the adjourned forum meeting should be sacked because it is irresponsible for the government to make such degrading decisions.