Footy doesn't stop in nations not attending the International Cup and in the Solomon Islands activities have been ongoing.

Despite the departure of the previous RAMSI head Graeme Wilson who was heavily involved with the Australian footy, the Solomon Islands now welcome Ed Burton, an Australian Youth Ambassado who is assuming the role of AFL and Cricket Development Officer.

The week gone had been a big week. As WFN tweeted recently, there was a move to establish a schools program, and Ed is able to report that most school clinics are now up and running for the school term, along with 2 new training centres. Ed and other volunteers have been working hard and getting more people involved.

"We have had a good response at Tenaru, Burns Creek and Honiara High with around 40 participants at most centres."

Ed is hopeful that the newly established training centre at Mbua Valley school might be the beginning of another club.

Meanwhile at Rove Police Field a new centre will begin soon to cater for White River, Bishop Eppalle and St.John and the broader area. Both these training centres will run on Monday afternoons for under 2 hours for both junior and senior players.

With other training centres and school programs, Ed is hopeful that clubs might be established at a number of locations over the coming months. A Girls only training is also starting soon.

In Honiara, Round 4 of the senior league saw the Wolves comfortable victors over the Stingrays. Earlier in the day, the juniors were run through a clinic followed by a match. Of note to WFN readers, the 3 younger Joel boys were reported as playing well. Already, their elder brothers Anthony (18) and Junior (16) have been to Australia this year playing AFL.