The first round of the 2007 rugby union season kicked off today with three exciting games.

The first game saw Marist take on the mighty Diesel Power, with the game ending in a 10 all draw. Both teams displayed great skills and patience, and were very much equal in territory and possession. "Marist has really matured as a team and it really shows in the way they played" a spectator commented. "But its still early days"

The second game was a one sided affair, Avaiki defeated Green Berets 43 to 5. Green Berets took time to settle into the rhythm of the game and it costed them dearly. Avaiki ran in 3 tries within a span of 20 minutes and ended the game with 4 late tries. "We are happy with the performance of the boys, a bonus point is always a good start" The Avaiki coach stated.

A surprise first half try by the young boys of the Solomon Islands College of Higher Education (SICHE) forced Hammer Head Sharks to dig deep. While the Hammer Head Sharks had a much heavier forward pack, it took them time to capitalize. Hammer Heads only managed two tries very late in the second half to win the game.

The final game saw Luapel struggling to find form. Solomon Airlines scored early in the first half and opted to play defensive rugby from then on. Luapel replied much later in the second half but failed to convert. Solomon Airlines won the game 7 to 5.