Discussions are being held in Solomon Islands for a compensation plan to end dolphin hunting by one community.

Earlier this year the Earth Island Institute signed an agreement with the Bita'ama community to stop traditional dolphin hunting practices in the north of Malaita Province, in return for proposed financial support.

The institute's Mark Berman is meeting with community elders, who are making their pitch for development assistance.

He says dolphin conservation is just one issue affecting the marine environment.

"As one of the main predators in the sea, dolphins need to be preserved as a species, and by having the communities work with us to save the dolphins, this in the end will actually help save the ecosystem of the sea. And that's one of the goals."

While many are lauding the attempts by Earth Island Institute to stop dolphin trade, elsewhere in the country there are still dolphins being held in captivity and several groups are still planning live dolphin exports.