Former IFM Commander, Andrew Te'e, must work hard to ensure his own acceptance back into the Guadalcanal Community, says the Guadalcanal Provincial Government.

Te'e was pardoned by the Governor General Sir Frank Kabui last month after a recommendation for release was made by the Prerogative of Mercy Committee.

He was serving six life-time sentences for murders he committed during the ethnic tension.

The Committee and the Governor General however remain tight lipped on the grounds for Te'e's release.

Speaking to SIBC News this week, Guadalcanal Premier Antony Veke says his government welcomes the former IFM Commander's release but are also "mindful of what needs to be done within Guadalcanal to accommodate his release."

"Our government is not aware of the criteria used by the Prerogative of Mercy Committee when they recommended that Te'e be released," said Premier Veke. "But the Committee had exercised their powers vested in the Constitution."