The Opposition has called for the sacking of the Minister for Education, Dick Ha'amori for not conforming to a commitment made by Prime Minister Danny Philip to give part of SICHE land for the establishment of the fourth campus of the University of the South Pacific (USP).

Opposition Leader Dr Derek Sikua says the Opposition has been informed by concerned government officials that Mr Philip had already written to the USP Vice Chancellor Professor Rajesh Chandra in April this year conveying his government's commitment to allocate part of SICHE's Panatina Campus for the fourth USP campus.

However it is understood that the Education Minister opposed the idea.

The Ministry Of Education's Under Secretary Franco Rodie conveyed Mr Ha'amori's opposition to the proposal in a letter to the Director of the Solomon Islands College of Higher Education Donald Malasa last month.

Dr Sikua says the action taken by the Education Minister brings into question the authority of the Prime Minister and therefore should be removed for insubordination.

He says the Opposition supports the idea of Solomon Islands hosting the fourth USP campus and also the proposal of allocating part of SICHE's Panatina Campus land to host the campus.

Dr Sikua says he is pleased to know that the Asian Development Bank has agreed to support USP with a US$19 million dollar loan and that USD$9 million of this amount will be used to build the fourth USP campus in Solomon Islands.