Rennell and Bellona Province has held three celebrations across the Province to mark its 11th Second Appointed Day today.

Celebrations took place for East Rennell, at the Provincial headquarters at Tigoa in West Rennell and in Bellona.

Supervising Provincial Secretary Adrian Tuhanuku says traditionally, previous second appointed day celebrations were held at the Provincial headquarters at Tupu'aki, on West Rennell.

Mr Tuhanuku says the current Provincial Executive has decided to provide financial assistance to enable the people right across the Province to celebrate together their Second Appointed Day this year.

He says the celebrations are part of initiatives which the current Provincial Executive led by Premier George Tuhaika, is taking with the objective of getting better connected with its own people.

Mr Tuhanuku says each of the three regions have formed their own Second Appointed Day celebrations committee to organize a range of activities for today's celebrations.

These included church services, various sporting activities and feasting.