An advance team of the Flying Doctors of America (FDOA) has arrived in Honiara ahead of a group of surgeons and other medical specialists.

The group will spend a week working in East Malaita and at the National Referral Hospital.
The advance team, led by the President of the FDOA, Dr. Allan Gathercoal, his wife Liz Marcela and Dr. Glen Yosida arrived yesterday from Brisbane.

The main team will arrive in Honiara on Monday 25 July.

Government spokesperson Alfred Sasako says the team will split into two groups - one will travel to Atoifi Adventist Hospital while the other, a team of three surgeons will be based at the National Referral Hospital.

He says the Atoifi Team, comprising medical and dental specialists, will use the hospital as a base and will conduct clinics at Nafinua Health Centre in the north, Oloburi and Sinarangu to the south.

Dr. Yoshida is a member of a three-man specialist team of ear, nose and throat medical doctors who will spend their time at the National Referral Hospital to carry out major surgeries.

Mr Sasako says the visit is the first by the Flying Doctors of America to Solomon Islands.