A group calling itself the Guadalcanal Workers Union is beefing up support on behalf of Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil limited (GPPOL) employees for a 14 days strike notice on the grounds of dissatisfaction over work condition.

Mr Jay Wilson, who presented himself as the leader of the Guadalcanal workers union, claims that GPPOL has been paying its employees with packages well below the minimum conditions under Solomon Islands Labour Law.

"The workers can no longer tolerate these conditions and are preparing to pursue industrial actions against the company," said Mr Wilson.

Mr Wilson alleges that workers frustrations over the past three years boiled over when several requests by the union to make representations to the company on behalf of the employees were turned down by the GPPOL Management.

GPPOL management has not commented on the issue or on the legitimacy of the group.

Meanwhile, General Secretary of the Solomon Islands National Union of workers Tony Kagovai says he understands a similar complaint is before the trade disputes panel.

He however says the union is not aware of any plans for a strike notice.

Several calls placed to the registrar of titles seeking to verify the authenticity of the Guadalcanal Union of Workers group were unsuccessful.

However, an officer at the registrar's office states that it is not an easy process to register a union group. "There are some very strict criteria set, so it would not be easy to establish such a group."