The Acting Head of local police, Walter Kola, says the rights of women and children must be respected by all Solomon Islanders.

The Royal Solomon Islands Police last week held a workshop in Honiara for eighteen law enforcers, both from Honiara and the Provinces, on specific violations against women and children's rights.

Speaking during the opening of the workshop Acting Police Commissioner Walter Kola says that it is important to provide domestic violence coordinators and crime managers the necessary training "in order to better handle reports of domestic violence in their various postings."

Mr Kola says the workshop covered various topics ranging from legal issues relating to domestic violence along with related issues such as child maintenance, domestic protection orders, restraining orders, custody of child, and adoption issues.

Meanwhile, the Acting Police Commissioner says there is a need to approach domestic violence issues proactively and "not be swayed by cultural issues but see them as any other criminal code issues."