The small Solomon Islands Community in Adelaide, South Australia has celebrated the 33rd independence anniversary on 9th July (Saturday).

This year the small community have taken a low profile celebrations following our biggest event held last year.

About forty altogether including Students, families and children gathered at a Park in the city for a BBQ while the Children mainly boys had fun and played soccer.

The celebration ended with a thanksgiving service on Sunday 10th at the residence of Pr. Apollos' family.

In his address to those attended, who were mainly students, Apollos urges them to take pride in their achievements and nation. Speaking from Romans 12:3-5, Apollos continued to share that, "Solomon Islands is made up of many cultures, so much so that what you archived and believed in is not immune to criticism, modification, blending, changes and adjustments to suit circumstances you may face. As such, we must not ignore those around us, and embrace the unity in our diversity."

During the service all Solomon Islands' provincial flags were displayed. We discussed what each emblem and colours represented and have they been respected, observed and understood. A cooperate consecration prayer for Solomon Islands was read at the closing of the service, followed by a family dinner.

Source: Solomon Islands Adelaide Community