Solomon Airlines has confirmed that their new Airbus A320 will not make it in time for the planned unveiling on Independence Day tomorrow.

In a press statement the Solomon Airlines says that there are still a few minor refurbishments left.

"There have been changes to seat covers, replacing the existing cloth seats which are old and not up to the standard the airline is looking for," a spokesman said.

The Solomon Airlines also revealed that the CAASI approval and Foreign Air Operators Certificate (FAOC), which is required to actually fly the aircraft, have yet to be issued.

"The process we hope will take place in the near future and the airline will do all it can to find a timely solution," the statement reads.

The statement also revealed that a second group of pilots are now in training with an initial ground conversion course followed by Simulator training necessary for flying operations.

The airline indicated it is all systems go but the paperwork trail has been overwhelming as the simplicity of seeking approvals has all changed by the new Rules and Regulations which were adopted from New Zealand by the Government of Solomon Islands.