Statesman and Solomon Islands first Governor General, Sir Baddley Devesi, has urged the government to set up a Commission of Inquiry into police operations to arrest prison escapee, Stanley Gitoa, on North Guadalcanal.

Speaking as the Paramount Chief of Tasimboko of North Guadalcanal, Sir Baddley, said his people have complained to him about the police operations that have caused fear among them, especially women and children.

He says the members of Parliament for North Guadalcanal and North-east Guadalcanal and the provincial assembly members for the areas should discuss with relevant government authorities the appropriate approach to arresting Gitoa without causing fear among the people.

Sir Baddley also urges the government to set up a Commission of Inquiry to look into the police operations trying to capture Gitoa.

Villagers allege that the police acted inappropriately in their failed attempt to capture Gitoa. Some claim that they were shot with rubber bullets; the police have denied such claims.

The police are calling on the public not to assist or harbor wanted criminals as they could also be arrested.