The Solomon Islands Isabel Province today marks its 27th Second Appointed Day.

Premier Amos Gigini stated that the province will have a very low-keyed celebration in the provincial capital, Buala. He stated that the day will begin with a flag raising to be followed by sporting events.

Meanwhile, the Isabel Community in Honiara has organized a two-day event. Honiara town woke up to a colourful march by the community led by the Toelegu Panpipers that began from the Isabel Development Company compound to the Art Gallery ground. There will be the raising of both the national and provincial flags and singing of the national and Isabel anthems during the events.

Isabel Provincial representative who is the Speaker of the Provincial Assembly, Rueben Dotho, will deliver the keynote address and custom dancing and Isabel Band groups will provide entertainment throughout the day.

Meanwhile, on Friday there will be display and demonstration on preparation of cultural food, environmental talks on climate change, health talks and other activities during the day.

Isabel leaders and national government officials have been invited to the two-day event.