Solomon Islands key parties yesterday marked a historic development for the Solo Enviro Beautification (SEB).

This was following the launch of its first ever permanent Nursery together with its classroom and office complex at Ranadi in Honiara.

SEB was established in 1999 following the request of the mayor of Honiara at that time, John Maetia, with the vision to beautify urban centers throughout the country.

Speaking during the launch, the SEB Chairperson, Keithie Saunders said the buildings jointly funded by the Japanese government and the Republic of Germany represents a landmark for the SEB and enables them to continue the work of beautifying the City of Honiara and continue training young Solomon Islands in Horticulture and Landscaping.

Ms Saunders said today that they have over 20 gardeners and the new facilities will support one very important part of SEB, their horticulture training and landscaping to help employ unemployed youths in the country.