Solomon Islands can eradicate tropical diseases if people are responsible enough to look after themselves.

This is according to the Tropical Medicine Specialist, Dr Jih-Jin Tsai, from Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital, Republic of China ROC, Taiwan.

Addressing local journalists at the Taiwan Health Centre in Honiara yesterday, Dr. Tsai said that according to their findings in 2009, the Soil - transmitted helminths (STH) has a 54% of infection rate in the students of Kulu Community High School.

She said that Taiwan used to battle with tropical disease, but their government in collaboration with health authorities, NGO's and other stakeholders educated their people on how to combat tropical diseases.

Dr. Tsai said combating tropical diseases needs the government, health authorities and stakeholders in the country to work together in educating the rural people, schools and so forth, to be responsible with their own health.

She highlighted that it took Taiwan 30 years to eradicate tropical disease, which implies the effort of the government of Taiwan with its people combat the issue.

Dr. Tsai stressed that it is important for all health donors to aim at building public toilets, water supplies and sewage drainage utilities as part of fighting tropical diseases.

A statement from the Taiwan Health Centre said the success of Neglected Tropical Disease (NTD) and Soil - transmitted helminths (STH) will not only rely on SIG MHMS, THC, students and teachers, but also other NGO's and Diplomatic countries.

It adds that without any parties, the project may not be comprehensive. ROC (Taiwan) THC also hopes to collaborate with WHO, AusAid, JICA, World Bank, UNICEF, and SDA to improve the health of children, the elders and citizens.

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