The Minister of Tourism and Culture Hon. Samuel Manetoali will be visiting tourism establishments in Gizo, Western province, today.

The visit is aimed at gathering firsthand information on tourism developments there and listening to the views of local operators on how best to advance tourism in that region.

Western Province, particularly, Gizo is a popular tourism destination in Solomon Islands which has contributed much to the country's economy.

During the two-day visit, Minister Manetoali will meet with members of the Provincial Executive and other tourism stakeholders to explore how the government can assist to advance tourism development in Western Province.

"As minister responsible for Tourism, I would like to ensure that tourism is developed in our country given the huge potential that we have here."

"People continue to say tourism will soon replace other commodities such as logging and the NCRA government is committed to make sure tourism will soon become our major foreign revenue earner," Minister Manetoali said.

Minister Manetoali will be accompanied by the Under Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Mr Moses Tepai.