The MP for East Are'are, Edward Huniehu, calls on the Government and the National Olympic Committee of Solomon Islands (NOCSI) to stop politicizing sports in the country.

Mr. Huniehu, in his call, blames the government and the National Olympic Committee of Solomon Islands, NOCSI, for the poor management of Solomon Islands contingent to the Samoa 13th South Pacific Games.

He says the appointment of Ulawa-Ugi MP, James Tora, as Team Manager was a political decision, which did not reflect the suitability and experience of a person to take on such a caring job and responsibility.

Mr. Huniehu calls on the government and NOCSI to stop politicizing sports in the country, but must allow professionals to take full control in sports and decision making.

The East Are'are MP and Opposition Spokesman for Finance also alleges that tax payers money were wasted in paying for individuals who have no connections to sports to travel, and decisions to allow these people to travel were political and a practice of nepotism.

Mr. Huniehu urges the Finance Minister to publish the expenditures incurred to transport the Solomon Islands' team to and from Samoa.

He alleges that some senior government officials were involved in attempts to divert funds to their own accounts.

Parliament had approved 5 million dollars for the Solomon Islands teams to Samoa.

Mr. Huniehu says the reports of the investigations into the Team Manager's alleged actions and the alleged financial scandal relating to SPG funds must be released together for the public.