Guadalcanal Province Premier Anthony Veke says his government will not accept any proposal to extend town boundaries of Honiara without the consent of its people.

In an interview with SIBC, Premier Veke says his government does not know if the Honiara City Council plans to extend the town boundaries at this time but they will "not entertain any changes to the current boundaries."

"Guadalcanal Province needs to be made aware, need to be made known about it. What the Town Council want to do. To put it simply we will not entertain or agree on extension of the town boundaries. They have to consult the current Provincial government first," the Premier said.

The Guadalcanal Premier also stated that his government will not agree to any extension without the consent of landowning groups who will be affected.

"To extend the town boundary, as a government that protects the interest of its people, we need to take a wider consultation, take a wider approach, and look at the landowner's point of views and the views of the government before we can do it."