The Bugotu Landowners Association, B-L-A, calls on the NCRA Government to immediately appoint a Commissioner to investigate the events surrounding the International Tender, the awarding and subsequent cancellation of a Letter Of Intend to Sumimoto Minerals and Mines.

BLA Chairman Josiah Riogano also wants such a Commission to also investigate the "misleading and disrespectful conduct of Axiom, Axiom Kolosori and Bungusule and its trustees."

He says last week's allegations involving Axiom KB Limited, Kolosori and Bungusule landowners and the now dismissed Minister of Mines, Mark Kemakeza, are serious matters and need to be fully exposed to all interested parties locally and internationally.

Mr Riogano says Axiom Mining Limited, through a local subsidiary company Axiom KB Limited, are making some very misleading statements and claims in respect to its own efforts to develop the Isabel nickel deposits.

He says BLA dismisses what the Axiom companies are saying on the street, in the hotels and in the villages, claiming that they have the support of the BLA.

Bugotu Landowners Association was established in 2003 and represents the people of Isabel and San Jorge Islands.

The primary focus of BLA is to identify commercial and business opportunities to improve the living, health and education standards of both the people of Isabel and Solomon Islands.