Newly appointed Leader of the Opposition Group, Dr Derek Sikua, has wasted little time in asserting himself.

Less than 24 hours ago Dr Sikua gave notice for a no confidence motion against the Danny Philip led government, which he hopes will be tabled after the budget sitting.

Dr Sikua reveled this in an interview in Parliament yesterday during recess, stating that he believes he will garner support from colleague MPs to oust the Danny Philip led government.

The Opposition Group currently has 12 MPs, and the Danny Philip led Government with 36 MPs.

However, with the resignation of MP for North West Guadalcanal, Bodo Detke, late yesterday afternoon, the Opposition Group is now further weakened. It is not yet certain whether Dr Sikua will proceed with his planned motion of no confidence.

Dr Derek Sikua was elected as Opposition leader ahead of his colleagues Mathew Wale and former Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.