A total of sixty (60) persons have graduated from different SIG Quarantine Stations after completing their mandatory quarantined periods last week.

National Emergency Operation Centre, NEOC, confirmed that out of the total number released, fifty-two (52) persons graduated from the Chengs Quarantine Station on Friday 20th November 2020.

The persons have undergone the required number of tests, all tested negative and have completed a period of fifty-one (51) days in quarantine.

The persons who graduated were repatriated from the Philippines on 29th September this year.

Camp Management Sector Committee Team Leader of the Chengs Quarantine Station confirmed that the graduated persons have undergone the required number of tests during the quarantine period.

The Team Leader also thanked the graduated persons for their patience and cooperation during the quarantine period.

Dr Alex Munamua congratulated the graduated persons and wish them well as they reunite with their families and re-integrated into their communities.

A representative speaking on behalf of the graduates thanked the Solomon Islands Government and all front liners who have worked tirelessly and to serve them during the quarantine period.

Meanwhile one other person graduated from GBR Quarantine station whilst seven other (7) persons graduated from Nila Isolation Centre in the Western Province on Thursday 19th November.

The seven (7) graduated persons from Nila Isolation Centre have completed the mandatory quarantine period of 16 days from 4th to 19th November 2020.

Camp Management Sector Committee Chair (CMSC) has confirmed the latest arrival of 123 persons on the Tarawa- Nadi-Honiara repatriation on Thursday 19th November 2020.

The 123 persons are currently quarantined in the Government Quarantined Stations.

Source: NDC Media