The National Disaster Management Office, NDMO, are still trying to confirm reports that some houses have been damaged by tsunami waves, caused by the Japan earthquake.

The NDMO has dispatched disaster assessment teams to Isabel, Malaita, Choiseul and Central Island Provinces, who were reportedly hit by high tides said to measure two metres or more.

Early reports suggest no one has been killed or seriously injured by the waves.

Operations Manager at the Solomon Islands National Disaster Management Office, George Baragamu, says Isabel Province has been the worst affected.

"In Isabel we actually receive reports of damage to dwelling houses, to kitchens as well as to some properties."

"There are confirmed reports of a couple of dwelling houses being destroyed."
Reports reaching the Isabel community in Honiara stated that the king tides came suddenly with very little warning.

"We were told that it was not a wave, they said the water just rose and came flooding in...they said they had very little time to react, so they just fled up to the hills," said a man from Buala who spoke to a relative soon after the tsunami.

The tsunami came almost six hours after the horrific 8.9 earthquake hit Japan last Friday, which triggered a massive tsunami.

The tragedy has left the world heavyhearted and scurrying to help the disaster's victims in the worst affected areas of rural Japan.