Bemobile has denied claims it has breached its coverage obligations as contained in its license.

The Telecommunications Commission of Solomon Islands made the claim this week saying Bemobile had "failed to fulfill the third phase of its coverage obligations."

In a statement last night, Bemobile said it has already provided evidence to the Commission that it has complied with its coverage obligations.

Bemobile also claimed that the Commission had used an "incorrect method to calculate its coverage." The company said that the method they used has confirmed that Bemobile has covered 75 percent of the population.

But the Telecommunication Commissioner says his office and the National Statistics Office disagrees with Bemobile's calculation and maintains that Bemobile has failed to cover 75 percent of the total population by last month.

Commissioner Williams says the discrepancies in calculation lies in the fact that Bemobile has based its calculation on the ward level while the commission's calculation was based on the village level.