The NCRA Government has called on authorities and leaders of the country not to scare people unnecessarily.

The looming constitutional crisis has been making headlines with the Opposition vowing to defeat the upcoming budget sitting on the 28th of March.

The Government statement says that such "scare tactics" is part of the power struggle between the Government and the Opposition, led largely by the Deputy Opposition Leader and MP for Aoke/Langalanga Mathew Wale.

The statement says Mr Wale is trying to appear as if he is taking over power through his planned no confidence motion although he knows that "no one can be certain in a country with a long history of political fluidity."

The statement went on to say that Mr Wale is not ashamed to talk about a constitutional crisis he himself has created by making unsubstantiated claims against the NCRA Government. "He has failed to provide evidence to the Police in support of his allegations against the NCRA Government," the statement reads.

The statement says the NCRA Government is concerned that any attempts to change the date of the parliament meeting "would accommodate Mr Wale's political campaign to get rid of the NCRA Government after being in government for only five months."

The Government statement says the 28th of March fits in well with budget preparations, along with the vigorous legal processes it needs to go through before it is brought before Parliament.