The Governor General Sir Frank Kabui has officially announced the date for bye-election in the Baegu-Asifola and Shortland Islands constituencies.

The Governor General has officially declared March 30th as the date to hold bye-elections for the two constituencies.

The Chief Electoral Officer, Polycap Haununu, in a statement says the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission will hold a press conference at the SIBC Conference room today afternoon.

"The session will allow the Commission to give updates on the preparation, process and procedures for the upcoming bye-election for these constituencies," said Mr Haununu.

Mr Haununu earlier told SIBC News that the only delay in preparations is the release of funds from the Ministry of Finance and Treasury.

Mr Haununu will be the main speaker with assistance from Baegu Asifola Election Manager - Freddie Bosoboe.

The bye-elections were made necessary after the untimely passing away of the two former MPs while in office.