Failure by the Government and the Gold Ridge Mining company (GRML) to settle outstanding issues relating to mining on Central Guadalcanal poses a threat to the much anticipated first "gold pour" next month.

The Council representing landowners say several outstanding issues that needs to be looked at includes compensation payments for loss of timber trees, review of land rentals, scholarship scheme, increase in royalty and transfer of land title.

The Gold Ridge Landowners Community Council met yesterday to discuss a planned meeting with relevant government officials regarding these outstanding issues.

Secretary to the Council, Charles Tani, says the meeting with the government was to enable the two parties to reach a common understanding on the outstanding issues.

The Council has said that there is an urgent need to negotiate and resolve these outstanding matters as failure to do so may negatively impact the planned first 'gold pour' next month.

Meanwhile, a statement by GRML and the Council earlier this week said a meeting by both parties acknowledged that there are "a number of outstanding issues of concern to both parties which need to be resolved."

GRML says that a process of open and regular dialogue has been established and they will continue to use this forum to discuss.