Parliamentary Opposition spokesman for Police and National Security, William Haomae, has described the protest note sent by the government to the Supreme Court of Vanuatu as un-protocol.

William Haomae made the comments after the Police Minister, Isacc Tosika, sent a protest note last Sunday over the conduct of the acting Registrar of the Vanuatu Supreme court, John Obed Ailele, on the Julian Moti case.

Mr Tosika was protesting the content of a letter written by Mr Ailele to the Papua New Guinea Defence Board of Inquiry into Mr Moti's escape into Solomon Islands on board a defence force plane last year.

But Mr Haomae says the protest note should have been sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He says the judicial matter has been politicized.

Mr Haomae also says it is not neighborly for the Minister to call Mr Ailele, a senior judiciary official from Vanuatu a liar. He says the way the protest note was worded and handled did not speak well for the unity and solidarity of the Melanesian bloc.

Mr Haomae says it is obvious the Minister had not prepared the protest note, and allowed himself to be used by someone as a puppet.